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In 1912 what was once a roller-skating rink at the Kingston end of the road became the factory of the Sopwith Aviation Company, the rink was flat and clear, ideal for chalking out lines on the floor.
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The shell of this building is still recognisable in the new flats, including the arched doorway and the marks where the sign was affixed to the building.
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The factory produced the most successful fighter plane of World War I, the Sopwith Camel.

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After the first world war a production line was set up to build "ABC motorcycles" under licence.
Unfortunately, it wasn't profitable and the company was put into voluntary liquidation in 1920.
Tommy Sopwith and some key employees subsequently started HG Hawker Engineering Co. Ltd.
By 1940 the Canbury Park Road site was no longer suitable, and the company relocated to Ham.
The remaining buildings became part of Kingston University, who eventually sold the land for housing.